Path4EMS is here 4 you.

Path4EMS is a support and resource program exclusively for EMS providers, tailor-made to meet you where you are and when you’re ready to reach out for help. Designed by experienced medical and behavioral health professionals in collaboration with EMS providers, Path4EMS helps you find your path forward when confronting personal issues and behavioral health concerns. We also offer education and outreach to help raise awareness and reduce the stigma of seeking help.


PATH4EMS is a partnership between Peer Assistance Services, Inc and MINES and Associates, Inc.

Peer Assistance Services, Inc. (PAS) provides accessible prevention and intervention services for substance use and related issues. MINES and Associates, Inc. brings exceptional expertise in business programs, employee psychology and a statewide network of providers to enhance employee productivity and wellness. The two organizations have worked together for many years and have deep experience in helping professionals who face unique challenges and potential emotional hazards.

The ultimate goal of Path4EMS is to improve the health and wellbeing of all Colorado Emergency Medical Service Providers. 

To make a referral:

If you or someone you know is experiencing problems because of substance use, mental health, physical or emotional difficulties, call today.





What we offer EMS Providers

Access to Services and Resources 

Path4EMS wants EMS providers to access services early, and we make it easy. Path4EMS will link EMS providers with resources and services to help with situations that may involve, emotional stress, substance use, personal issues, marital or family issues, legal or financial concerns, or physical health affecting your ability to practice safely.

Education and Outreach

Path4EMS also takes a proactive approach to your wellness, with the goal of keeping small problems from turning into bigger ones. This is accomplished by providing information and resources to EMS providers and their respective agencies, as well as to the greater EMS Community and those who support you.

How does it work

Any EMS provider can access the services offered by Path4EMS, confidentially. If you need help or have questions please call this number 1-800-873-7138 to speak with a professional. 

If you want more information, you may call the number listed above or send an email to info@minesandassociates.com and we’ll get back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions